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Useful Travel Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know

by pps-DUEditor

There’s a ton of travel advice floating on the Internet and sometimes, it just leaves you terribly confused! You don’t know what is right or wrong, and then end up spending more than saving. We are here to help you with some tips to prepare better for your travels and save some money too.  

When you book flight tickets, try and avoid dynamic pricing – you may not know but a lot of travel websites track your visit and raise the price of the flights you are interested in. There’s a simple hack – use an incognito window or clear your search history and cookies to get the real deal. Trust us, it will make a huge difference.

While booking accommodation, just do it for the first few nights in a new place. In case you’re backpacking, it is important to have a few nights booked to avoid having to wander around at night looking for a place to sleep.

The next tip, which is extremely critical is to scan your essential travel documents and email them to yourself – always have a paperless copy of your passport, ID, Insurance policy, and emergency contacts. It will not only give you some peace of mind but also helps if you face a situation of loss or theft.

Make sure to call your credit or debit card company before you leave – this is very important. Let them know you are traveling so that you don’t get suspicious if there is a transaction in a new country, and for security reasons, they block your account. Also, check with them if you can use your card abroad, how much they charge, and if there are any perks.

Mark your baggage as fragile if you have an airport transfer. It is important to note that airport transfers reduce your flight costs but sometimes it only leaves you with little time to get on to your next flight. When you mark your bags fragile, they will be the first ones unloaded!

Lastly, use local ATMs to get your currency, since airports charge really high conversion rates.

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