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Tips for Moving Into Senior Living

by pps-DUEditor

Any big change comes with its fair share of stress and trepidation. But add to that the emotional toll of physically moving and you’re going to need a game plan to tackle it fearlessly. For many, this is a move that is happening after decades. But here’s the good news; it can be done.

Take a step back and pay attention to the next few tips and you might just have a little fun with the process.

Be realistic and confident when packing

Instead of trying to sort through and pack a lifetime of living in 24 hours, give yourself room to breathe and plenty of flexibility. The first step should be to check if your leisure care community will provide any kind of help when it comes to sorting, downsizing, packing, and unpacking. But even if they don’t, give yourself at least a week to sort plus a couple of days to downsize carefully. Finally, we estimate it should take anywhere between 2-3 days to pack/unpack and put away things properly.

Pick an easy place to start and give yourself a target

Going through your life’s memories can be challenging. Set aside 20 minutes in the day to get started. Once you start, keeping it going is much easier. Inform friends, family members, and schedule times they can stop by to pick up heirlooms or help you ferry things to the local charity. When it comes to singular tasks setting a timer can be very useful to help you focus.

Start a moving journal

This can be the best way to document your whole moving experience. Make notes, ‘to-do’ lists, questions you need to have answered, thoughts, dates, and anything you think you want to remember later. You might want to also create a small folder of important documents that include your will, power of attorneys, medical records, passports, and more.

Sort out your medication

Making sure your meds and prescriptions are in order can help make your transition much smoother and stress-free.

Finally, this is a move to improve the quality of your life, so why not focus on your next adventure? Leave the past behind and think of all the wonderful things that lie ahead of you instead.

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