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This Is Why You Need a VPN

by pps-DUEditor

Due to concerns involving online privacy and various regulations, VPN technology has become a must-have for many individuals using the internet. Here are some reasons why you need a VPN.

Secure public WiFi

Free WiFi in public places has become necessary to stay connected to your loved ones while you’re outside home and helps you save your mobile data plan. However, public WiFi comes with its dangers.

Using public WiFi can lead to phishing scams because of fake WiFi connections, packet sniffers, or your phone getting hacked or infected with malware. A VPN with a modern encryption protocol can protect you and your data from such attacks.

Bypass restrictions

Places such as libraries and schools often let users get access to a censored version of the internet. Although this is for the protection of users, if you need to access a blocked topic for informational purposes, it can be quite frustrating.

For instance, a user wanted information about ‘breast cancer’ for informational purposes. However, the word ‘breast’ was on the restricted list to protect users from pornography, because of which the user couldn’t access any information. Using a VPN can help you bypass such unreasonable restrictions and get complete access to the internet.

Avoid government censorship

In countries where authoritarian governments heavily censor the internet, communicating with the rest of the world gets difficult. If you travel to a country like this, you will have to use a VPN to be able to use the internet without such censorship issues and be able to communicate with those outside the country.

Gain control over your privacy

With the increasing chances of email and cloud-based accounts getting hacked, using a VPN and the right encryption protocol has become a necessity to keep your data private.

Avoid location-based price targeting

There is a possibility a supermarket chain adjusts its prices based on the location due to local competition. However, it doesn’t feel great when the same thing happens over the internet as well.

You can skip having to pay a higher price because of your location by using a VPN. As you can select your server’s location when you use a VPN, the shopping website does not know your real location and shows you prices based on the location you’ve chosen. You can save some bucks by opting to use a VPN in such a situation.

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