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Things to consider when buying a luxury car

by pps-DUEditor

If you’re planning to buy a new luxury car, check its residual value rating. A lot of luxury cars are leased, and their residual value at the end of the lease lets you know how much they are actually worth. What you get from this is an indication of the car’s quality and an idea of how that particular model retains its value, its expected durability, and reliability.

Warranty: Check if the manufacturer offers extended coverage for the car’s powertrain, or coverage against rust, or other aspects of the car for a long period of time or for many miles above what could be average. It could be because there are perceived quality and durability issues or real issues from the past. Whatever it is, you’re covered, and the manufacturer is likely to improve those issues.

Maintenance: Many manufacturers offer free maintenance packages while selling unreliable cars to reduce ownership cost issues. It could also be an incentive just to push sales.

Used prices: See how the values of new cars hold up against that of old cars. Also, used car lots are staffed by people who know which cars hold their value best. Used car buyers also know which cars are good and which ones will drain their life savings.

Showroom experience: See how you’re treated at the showroom. The quality of staff training will indicate whether the company is interested in customer loyalty and maintaining relationships. Visit the workshop and see how that is run too.

Fuel economy: Is it important? A lot of luxury vehicles are available with diesel or hybrid powertrains that do not diminish the luxury experience while providing minimizing fuel consumption.

Passenger capacity: Do you need to impress clients and transfer them from place to place often? If that’s the case, a luxurious sedan or SUV may work better than a sexy supercar. Some luxury sedans and SUVs also have excellent driving dynamics if you’re the sort that loves getting behind the wheel.

Use: Will you be using this luxury vehicle every day? Then you should consider models that meet all the requirements for a daily commute. If you’re going to be the one driving, look for one that combines a great driving experience without compromising comfort.

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