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Things to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

by pps-DUEditor

Not Lining up Financing: The first thing you need to do when buying a car is figuring out how and how much you will pay for it. If you are not paying cash, then you will have to take a loan. Know your budget and explore options with multiple lenders for the right loan. Get preapproved, if possible.

Shopping Based on Monthly Payments: Lower monthly payments are good, but when combined with more extended payment periods, they are bad. You could also lease a used car if you’re on a budget. Just remember that at the end of the lease, you’ll have to return it. If you buy a car, you can sell it or trade it in.

Skipping the Test Drive: About 20% of car buyers don’t test drive cars before buying them. This is probably why there are many third- or fourth-owner cars on the roads. A used car must be tested before it is bought. Only then can you ensure that it is working properly and that the car suits your driving style.

Not Getting the Car Checked: Before you buy a used car, it should be inspected thoroughly by a mechanic. Do it even if you have to pay for the inspection. A mechanic will figure out whether the car is in good condition or whether it will give you problems a few miles down the road.

In-Person Initial Negotiations: Do all your research and comparisons at home and try to negotiate on the phone or via email as much as possible. Once you’re at the dealership, it’s harder to walk away and easier for the salesperson to make a sale. Even if it is a private seller, this method is more effective.

Buying Based on Looks: You don’t want to end up with a good looking lemon. Or a car that’s impractical for you, but you love how it looks. But a used car depending on your needs. Don’t buy a sports car when you actually need a truck that can tow a trailer.

Not Checking Vehicle History: Always use the VIN to get a vehicle history report. This way, you can check for prior accidents, service issues, problems, and previous owners. Dealers sometimes have these reports ready.


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