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Key Differences Between SUVs & Crossovers

by pps-DUEditor

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is spacious and practical, you may have narrowed down the types to crossover and SUV. But what exactly are crossovers and SUVs? Car manufacturers seem to use these terms for cars that seem almost the same. People have also started referring to vehicles with high ground clearance and the space to carry five people SUVs even when they’re crossovers. We’ll help simplify the matter.


Traditional SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicles were designed to offer performance similar to pickup trucks. But instead of a truck bed, they have a large body with an enclosed passenger and cargo space. SUVs also have a body-on-frame or truck-based construction. But today, fewer and fewer car manufacturers are making traditional body on frame SUVs. But that doesn’t mean their popularity is waning. There are many people who consider themselves SUV purists and are loyal to this type of vehicle. 


A crossover is also sometimes called a crossover utility vehicle or CUV. The Toyota Rav4 that was launched in 1996, was the very first crossover ever sold in the United States. It was followed closely by the Subaru Forester and the Honda CR-V. These vehicles became so popular that they are still on the market. But their original forms were lifted station wagons in the 1970s, some of which featured all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. At some point in their existence, the term crossover came to refer to vehicles that offered a car-like ride and SUV-like features.

What will work for you?

To figure out whether a crossover or an SUV is the right choice for you, you need to consider how you normally use your vehicle and what you expect from it. If you prioritize passenger comfort above everything else, then you should go in for a crossover. Good examples of crossovers include the Ford EcoSport, Mercedes-Benz GLC, and Toyota RAV4. However, if you need something for heavy-duty towing, hauling, going off-road, but need comfort and room for a lot of people, an SUV may be a better choice. Good examples of SUVs include the Ford Expedition, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Toyota Land Cruiser.

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