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How to: Make Your Tires Last Longer

by pps-DUEditor

Air Pressure Checks: This is the easiest and one of the most important steps. Check the tire pressure every month. Incorrect pressure can compromise handling, safety, fuel economy, and tire life. Colder temperatures can lower air pressure, while warmer temperatures can increase tire pressure. Ensuring that your tires are inflated as recommended ensures your car will perform as expected. The acceleration, braking, steering, and the safety systems will also work as they are supposed to when your tires are in good condition. Under-inflation can increase fuel consumption, and over-inflation can reduce comfort.

Tire Rotation: Most cars have a two-wheel drive. It means that power from the engine is only sent to two wheels. This can cause the tires to wear out in an uneven manner. Most cars have front-wheel drive, so it’s those that wear our fast. Others have rear-wheel drive, so with these cars, it’s the rear tires that wear out sooner. Even all-wheel-drive cars suffer from uneven wear as the drive shifts from wheel to wheel depending on conditions. This is why tire rotation is necessary. Every 5,000 miles, a technician moves tires to different wheel positions. This gives the drive wheels some rest and evens out the wear.

Balancing: When you get your tires rotated, there’s another important thing to do as well — wheel balancing. All tires and wheels have a heavy spot. None of them are perfect, even when they’re brand new. The difference in weight, however, is tiny and measured in one-quarter to one-half ounces. That small weight difference can cause vibration and uneven tire wear. Ask your mechanic to balance your tires. They have a specialized machine that can pinpoint the right spot to add small weights. It’s a quick and easy process that will end up saving money in the long run.

Alignment: If you notice that your car veers right or left, or the steering wheel vibrates or shakes, you may have misaligned tires. But there are times when you may not even feel it. The smallest misalignment can reduce fuel efficiency and increase tire wear. Get your tires aligned every six months. This regular maintenance will extend tire life and save money.

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