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How to find the perfect hotel

by pps-DUEditor

If there’s one thing most travelers are particular about, it’s accommodation. When you look for options on the web, there are so many websites that you really don’t know which is the perfect one. In that scenario, how do you pick the right hotel and what about hostels and apartment rentals? 

Try and use a booking website 

Again, there are several booking websites that you can find online, but one of the best ones is booking.com. There are some reasons why it is more authentic than others. Firstly, they allow only customers who have availed a hotel through them, to leave reviews. This means that the reviews are only from genuine customers. Not that some can’t be fake, but the probability of having more genuine customers is higher. 

If you book with them regularly, you get a good discount, and if that impresses you, then you also get a dedicated helpline number, in case of any query. Sometimes, you might not find hotels at your chosen destinations – for those times, there’s Agoda. 

You can also search on TripAdvisor – it works a little differently, as it brings up deals on all the main booking sites. 

Where do you want to stay? 

After you’ve decided where you want to stay, enter dates in the search box, and you will get a lot of options. Once you’ve found a list, narrow down the options. You can filter by review ratings; the ones below 8 must definitely be ignored. 

Based on your budget, you can then choose the hotel you’d like to stay in. 

How about an apartment?

When you narrow down the list, look for ‘Property Type’, and check the options you want. If you want a hotel or apartment, check that box. If you don’t really care, leave it unchecked. Right after this, look at the facilities list and check the ones that are important to you. If you want to narrow it down further, you can also add room facilities as a filter. 

Do you want a property near the city center?

Unless you are driving to a particular place, select a hotel that is easily accessible from tourist attractions or public transport like the metro, bus and tram routes. 

While these tips are important, remember to never miss out on hotel reviews – they are very important!

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