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Hearing Aids Can Reduce Risk Of Depression and Dementia

by pps-DUEditor

People with hearing loss might have a higher chance of being depressed. A hearing aid is useful for more than just hearing. Studies have shown that using a hearing aid can effectively prevent falling and lower the risk of depression and dementia in those who suffer from hearing loss. Nearly 40 million Americans have some type of hearing loss.

Understanding hearing aid users

Studies show the gap amongst people who will use hearing aids based on three factors – gender, ethnicity, and location. Statistics have shown that men with hearing loss were more likely to get a hearing aid than women. 13.3 percent of men got a hearing aid, while only 11.3 percent of the women got one. And based on ethnicity – only 6.5 percent of people with Latino origin got a hearing aid, while 9.8 percent of African Americans and 13.6 percent of white people got one. . And finally, based on geographic location, nearly 38 percent of the people with hearing loss living in the north-central part of the country got a hearing aid as compared to a mere 5.9 percent of people in the mountain states. Not only this, but studies also showed that the risk of getting a dementia diagnosis (which includes Alzheimer’s disease) within 3 years (or less) of a hearing loss diagnosis was almost 18 percent lower for those who use hearing aids. While the risk of being diagnosed with depression or anxiety and the chance of being treated for fall-related injuries by the end of 3 years was 11 percent lower and 13 percent lower respectively.

Effects on preventing falls

Fall-related injuries in seniors alone cost as much as $50 billion annually. Research from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that people with untreated (mild) hearing loss were almost three times more likely to fall or have a history of falling. Over-the-counter hearing aids will be available by next year as treatment of those with mild to moderate hearing loss has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  This will make hearing aids easily accessible, and result in more sales compared to high-cost hearing aids.

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