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Health Insurance 101

by pps-DUEditor

Nowadays, getting health insurance is child’s play. You can simply browse insurance quotes online and buy the most suitable policy. But only browsing for cheaper health insurance can lead to gaps in your health insurance coverage. While you’re looking for affordable health insurance coverage, you not only have to look at the cost of your health insurance quote but also need to understand what type of health insurance coverage you will be getting. Here are five tips that will not only guide your search for  affordable health insurance  but also help you get  the most out of your coverage.

Select the apt category

Your health insurance coverage options rely on your life situation and here are some common life circumstances and their different health insurance coverage options:

  • Working: Employer (preferred), Independent Health Insurance Coverage, State-Sponsored Plan or Self-Insure.
  • Self Employed: Independent, State-Sponsored Plan or Self-Insure.
  • Not Working: Employer through Cobra, Independent Health Insurance Coverage, a State-Sponsored Plan, or Self-Insure.
  • College: Cobra (via family’s health insurance provider), State-Sponsored Plan, or Self-Insure.

Selecting the health insurance company

Getting to know about the financial strength of an insurance company can be beneficial. Compare key areas in health care insurance that are important to you to find the best health insurance coverage.


Are you prepared to decide on a health insurance quote? Or, if the insurance you are looking for is offered by your employer, are you willing to see if you want your employer’s option? Once you’re ready to make the decision, the selected health insurance providers have a list of questions that need to be answered.

Understand the coverage

Take your time to learn about your health insurance coverage. Review your health insurance plan by reading it yourself or discussing it with your health insurance representative or the agent.

Filing claim

In most cases, the doctor’s offices will file your health insurance claim on your behalf and charge you the amount you are supposed to pay out of pocket accordingly. At times, you might need to file your health insurance claim by yourself.

In order to challenge your insurance company’s decisions because a health insurance claim was denied, you need a record of all procedures performed. A personal medical log comes in handy.

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