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Brilliant Garage Organization Hacks

by pps-DUEditor

Stack Bins

Plastic storage bins usually get stacked against a wall, making access to the bottom bins difficult. Fortunately, a permanent DIY garage solution is only a weekend away with storage towers that are an ingenious way to provide easy access to your bins. 

Wire shelving

You can maximize your garage storage space with inexpensive wire shelves, baskets, and hooks. These garage storage racks will only take you one morning to assemble and attach to the wall.

Corner shelves

Utilize your corner space with corner shelf units and take advantage of extra space. These corner shelves are perfect for storing smaller items like glues, oils, waxes, and polishes.

Tool holder

If you have tools like rakes, shovels, brooms, and garden tools cluttering your space, and not a lot of wall to hang them on, create a nifty wall tool holder that you can use to slide in your tools.

Sports equipment storage

A garage ball storage rack can be mounted anywhere and will corral stray balls to prevent them from rolling all-around your floor. Use plywood, dowels, and elastic cord for this customizable, easy-to-make storage hack. 

Recycling bin rack

Recycling bins take up too much floor space. You can find instructions for this affordable, easy project that will get them up off the floor and out of the way, online.

Ceiling-mounted shelves

Add a simple shelf overhead for additional garage storage with an adjustable height ceiling storage rack. This will help you store those large, pesky tools and equipment you don’t use much out of your way.

Bike storage

Even hanging up your bikes can take up a bunch of room. Try an easy DIY project of hooks mounted on glides. Once the bikes are on the hooks, they can be slid closer to the wall on the perpendicularly mounted glides. The bikes can be nestled neatly together, taking up less space, making it easier to take the bikes down.

Pegboard shelves

Cut some narrow mini shelves; drill holes or slots for your equipment. Then drill a couple of small holes in the edges for around 1/8-in. diameter pegs. Bend the pegs with pliers to about 85 degrees and fit them tightly in the wood so the shelves can’t fall off. 

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